‘Psychometric’ tests can assess the personality, ability, knowledge and / or skills of people through the use of questioning to provide an objective measurement of that person.

Our psychometric test service uses the SHL online range of personality profile and ability tests, that measure how a person might behave naturally (OPQ32 personality questionnaire) and their cognitive, verbal and numerical reasoning abilities. We can tailor a package of tests and reports according to your requirements.

As fully qualified and accredited SHL practitioners we can effectively interpret the results of these tests, providing both your business and each candidate with detailed reports and face to face feedback.

The benefits of using psychometric tests:

  • Access, psychometric tests distil a lot of information and give quick access to the information you require
  • Objective, they produce objective measurements and results on which to make good, unbiased decisions
  • Decisions, the tests can reduce the chance of discrimination being a factor in decision making
  • Opportunities, they can highlight or reveal new information that can be further explored in a recruitment, personal development or promotion process
  • Convenience, tests can be set up quickly and administered remotely, candidates only require a short time to complete the tests
  • Value, the information and feedback from psychometric tests is gained at relatively low cost

Our psychometric tests can be used as part of the recruitment process as a means of objectively shortlisting candidates and ensuring you have the information to recruit the best candidate, or they can be used an important personal development tool to develop and maximise the potential of people within your company or as a tool to be used in career advancement and promotion decisions.

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